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Seeding the Conversations That Change Everything

International Publicist Michelle Tennant Nicholson Is a “Storyteller to the Media”

Michelle Tennant Nicholson has been called a “five-star publicist” by Good Morning America producer Mable Chan. As co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Wasabi Publicity Inc., she represents global nonprofits, causes, and people who make a difference.

“We believe conversations change everything,” says Michelle. “The stories we consume consume us. Right now, our entire marketing industry is based on fear and stimulating the need to fix ourselves. It fuels our consumerism. We believe we can elevate this conversation and tell stories for the good of humankind. Imagine a world where people share positive stories they’ve heard on the news cycle this morning. What if our stories stimulated our sense of security and safety? According to the latest brain science research, that contributes to optimal life experience. That’s why I get out of bed each morning. How about you?”

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Good PR

Like any solid media pitch, Michelle says that great PR should follow these five simple rules:

WHO: “Great PR serves the press, not the client. You might think you’re working for the client, but you’re really working for the press. Be of service. In earned editorial press, the journalist or producer is the one who has control over the story.”

WHAT: “The simple litmus test for good PR stories is the question: ‘What is good for the public about this story?’ If you can’t answer that, there is no story.”

WHEN: “You know how in real estate they say it’s all about ‘location, location, location’? Well, in PR it’s all about ‘timing, timing, timing.’ You must deliver the right story to the right media at the right time. Print magazines need months of notice, while TV can act day-of. Online press kits are awesome time savers. Knowing your press friend means knowing when they need information, day or night.”

WHERE: “Press venues are a business. If a client is local to them, it’s easier (and cheaper) to get them on camera, or meet for an interview. While technology has certainly made it easier to connect, it’s still music to media’s ears when you say, ‘My client is in the same city and they can be in-studio any time.’”

WHY: “Know why people choose to do PR in the first place. I teach clients right away the difference between earned, paid, and owned media. Many people seek PR to sell something — which is not a good reason to do PR. For that, choose advertising. PR is for building credibility and brand recognition. The old saying holds true today: ‘Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for.’”

More About Michelle

Michelle serves as Executive Publicist on all Wasabi Publicity campaigns. She specializes in engaging media and breaking news to secure top placements for her clients. She once placed a new client on Dr. Phil within eight hours of signing the contract.

In a career spanning 30+ years, Michelle has seen PR transition from typewriters to Twitter. An award-winning writer, she peppers campaigns with insight from her master’s degree in human development and fine arts degree from a top 25 drama school.

Michelle calls herself a “storyteller to the media.” Every day, she spins news stories with notables like The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NPR, Ladies Home Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes, TODAY, Fox & Friends, Entrepreneur, Associated Press, and many other top media venues.

She is also the author of “The Dairy Princess Chronicles: Shining Diamonds in a Rhinestone World,” in which she shares her journey putting her Louisville neighborhood pedophile in jail. Michelle incarcerated her childhood predator, healed her own mental injury, achieved a life filled with happiness, and shows others how to pursue the same — whether you have PTSD or not. Profits from the purchase of this book fund charities working toward a trauma-informed society.

Michelle and her business partner Drew Gerber founded Wasabi Publicity to launch conversations that make a difference in the world. Their technology company created PitchRate.com, a free PR tool that connects experts and reporters. She blogs at The Huffington Post and at WasabiPublicity.com.

To see clients Michelle is currently pitching, visit the "browse them" gallery at SearchPressKits.com.

Contact Michelle at Michelle@WasabiPublicity.com or by phone at 828-749-3200.

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